Tendencies in the manicure – autumn- winter

Image: © white78 / Fotolia

It is time to have a sneak peek at the catwalks, where the designers dictate not only the rules of dressing but also the trends in the beauty. What are the latest ideas for manicure this season – take a look:


# 1: Clean, classic manicure in tan and pastel tones that are maximally close to the color of our skin. The length of the nails should be short or average between 2 and 5 mm above the fingertip.

The collections of Wes Gordon and Betsey Johnson bet on this trend.

Extremely modern are the almond shaped nails or the so-called “round nails,” it is recommended this season to avoid the square shaped nails.


# 2: Bordeaux, blue, black, gold and all shades of the wine range. The more daring ladies can bet even on bright red manicure with golden motifs – very royal and attractive to the male eye.


# 3: The golden accents! They give the manicure refinement and a lot of luxury. They can be combined with many colors, and every manicurist refracts through their prism exactly what gold accents to use, what to be their arrangement, etc.


# 4: The French manicure is always preferred because it is discreet and multifunctional.

The French manicure is a classic. Some like it simple, others diversify with further color and ornamentation. This season it is most commonly with a colored finish at the edges – in black, red or dark green. Again the focus is on the so-called circular or rounded nails.


# 5: Manicure with stripes

Certainly this season we can distinguish the striped nails as a real hit. Various combinations of stripes can be made, among them the most popular are black and red, light blue and bordeaux.


# 6: The lace manicure – gentle different, interesting, with its perfect design fascinates even the most capricious ladies.



The manicure is very important, it is the finish of the perfect vision, and when combined with taste, makes any woman to exude sex appeal. The perfect manicure is an art, enjoy it!


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