The 10 rules for the perfect appearance that every woman should know

Image: © Mee Ting / Fotolia

The attractive appearance is not due to neither the makeup nor our hairstyle. It is a complex of our health condition, looks and our irradiance. So in order to achieve it, it is necessary to take care of them all. To not neglect any factor, we suggest you check the top 10 rules for the perfect appearance which must know any woman.


1. Tidy and clean hair. The well maintained and healthy hair is a precious adornment for every woman.

2. Good mood. Nothing repels more than the appearance of a frowning person in a bad mood.

3. Clean skin. The cleaner is your facial skin, the less makeup you will need. For this purpose, keep it healthy by cleaning it daily.

4. Delicate hands. The power of the woman lies in the tenderness with which she touches, so strive your skin to always be smooth and soft.

5. Maintained feet. Clean and anoint your toenails as well as the skin of the heels with nourishing oils, so that they are clean and smooth at any time of the year.

6. Beautiful smile. Do not delay the regular visits to the dentist. The beautiful smile does not depend so much on the whiteness but on the health of the teeth.

7. Light makeup. Try, if you at all put any makeup, it to be moderate, possibly closer to your natural appearance. The accent should always be on the eyes or the lips, not on the cheekbones.

8. Natural eyebrows. What adorns our eyes are the eyebrows. Bet on their natural form, slightly correct or clean them with tweezers. If you highlight them with a pencil, its color should not be darker than your hair.

9. Graceful gait. The lightweight beautiful gait is a weapon of the women. Never walk with heavy steps. Walk with head up and step as if you are floating in the air without overplaying the movement in the hips.

10. Dress with taste. Even if you have tried to comply with all the other terms, the choice of clothes can play you a bad joke, especially if you contact with strangers.The most important rule is never to wear clothes in which you do not feel comfortable, because this affects your overall appearance.


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