The 3 best means for facial rejuvenation

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There are various means for facial rejuvenation, which may be used alone, without the help of cosmeticians.


Choose such that are easy and will not take much time and effort. Do not worry if not everything turns out accurately from the first time: some techniques require certain skills. After doing several homemade masks and lotions, over time, everything will become quick and easy.


Here are the best methods for facial rejuvenation:



  1. Massage of the face – improves the blood circulation and the nutrition of the cells.
  2. The contrasting herbal compresses perfectly clean the skin and give the shine and freshness of youth.
  3. Rubbing with ice cubes – one of the most effective anti-aging treatments, after which the result will be noticeable immediately.


Homemade masks for rejuvenation are usually applied after a bath when the pores are open. The time of work with the homemade masks is from 15 to 30 minutes. You can do them every 2-3 days, depending on the condition of your skin. After 10-15 procedures the type of the mask is changed in order the skin not to get accustomed to it.


Here are three of the best masks for rejuvenation:


  • 1. Aloe

The lower leaves of aloe are placed in advance in the refrigerator for at least 10 days in order to soften. The resulting juice (1 tablespoon), mixed with olive oil (one tablespoon) and moisturizer (one teaspoon) are the perfect mask for rejuvenation. Before applying slightly warm it in your hand.


  • 2. Banana

Banana puree (1 tablespoon) is mixed with egg yolk, honey and olive oil (each 1 teaspoon), oatmeal (1 tablespoon). The mask is ready to use after everything is mixed.


  • 3. Sour cream

Sour cream (1 tablespoon) mixed with honey and lemon juice (1 teaspoon of the two) is an excellent and easy mask for rejuvenation.


Whatever you choose – masks, compresses, massages and exercises for facial rejuvenation – all will only be effective if each of these procedures is carried out regularly.


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