The impact of following the fashion tendencies on your personality

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Fashion is influencing the life styles of most of the teenagers. Sometimes they follow fashion blindly and want to look like the models they see in Medias. Their dressing styles, haircuts, jewelry in fact each and every item of their outfits is copied from them. Nowadays it is a common trend to follow fashion. This influences personalities in both aspects. Positive as well as negative aspects of following the fashion trends are observed in women more than men as they less follow fashion.

Positive impact of fashion on ones personality:

Fashion expresses what kind of person you are. It is not necessary to wear branded clothes. You can still have your own style and dressing sense that makes your own character stand out. This influences positively your personality and you feel proud of wearing your own style of clothes.

Following the fashion tendencies in your own style brings out your creativity and boosts up your aesthetic sense. You can mix various colors when you dress for different parties and occasions. The goal is to feel comfortable in your own clothes. Choose and accessories with the clothes, from the ones which you already have. There is no need to spend enormous amounts of money to be fashionable.

Negative impact of fashion on ones personality:

Most of the women affect their looks by just following strict routines and diet plans to become thin as the supermodels. They want to fit in the clothes similar to those they see on television and in magazines. This badly affects their identities.


Another drawback of fashion observed is the financial investments. Women spend a lot of their income on clothes and fashion accessories. The branded accessories are expensive and you cannot afford them unless you have large incomes.


Sometimes girls do not accept other girls in their friends group if they do not dress like models with branded clothing. This is not at all a good influence.


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