The impact of the shoes on your interview

Image: © Farina3000 / Fotolia

Your interview day is the most important day of your life. You deal with some professionals and wearing a decent and elegant dress is essential to grab the attention of the employers. The interview attire is different for the various job interviews. Every job has some limitations and requirements and you cannot wear casual clothes at every job interview. Among the other accessories, the shoes play a major role in the interview attire. Wearing decent and simple shoes is mandatory for every person who wants to get the wanted job.  Your style and looks are incomplete without a perfect pair of shoes. Let us see what the impact of shoes on your interview is.

  • For men it is better to choose leather shoes which look decent along with a three piece suit. This is the simplest job attire they can follow.
  • If you wear slippers at a job interview that look casual and do not match with your dressing style this will cast a bad impression on the interviewer.
  • When men wear shoes with unique colors they add style to their personality. This will give you confidence.
  • A comfortable walk toward the employer is also essential to get hired for the job.
  • For women various choices of shoes are always available. No need to wear high heels in job interviews if you cannot walk properly with them.
  • Looking good is not that much important if you are going for a technical job. Your skills are more preferred. Wear simple flat shoes that match with your dress.
  • Stiletto heels that are used for special occasions are not recommended. It looks like you came to attend a party and the interviewer may create a wrong impression about you.
  • Funky and hot colors of shoes are not suitable for interviews. They are not appropriate for the office environment. Choose blue or black color or some light color combinations. This may impress your future boss.


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