The large jewels are a total hit

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Everybody knows that jewels are the best friends of women. With just one good piece of jewelry can be refreshed and the most boring outfit.

Currently designers offer us to play with all kinds of jewelry, to experiment, to combine and to dream.

This season is filled with an abundance of fabrics, colors and all kinds of bizarre shapes.

The only requirement for the jewelry this season is to be as much as possible – large and attractive. Here are some practical tips to keep up with the fashion tendencies in the jewelry.



For the admirers of the rings there is a huge selection.

For those of you that are set up in rock style – the star boxes are in vogue. Yes ladies, just like that, but of course not the one that pops to mind immediately after the word boxing.

The unique and bizarre rings which until now we have been only seeing on the hands of bullies, can now easily be on the gentle fingers of one of you without worries. It does not matter whether they are double, triple or quadruple rings in the style of boxing for a harder style.

For the less courageous ladies, there are a little bit more simple rings which at the same time are impressive with their irregular shapes. The large precious and semi-precious stones in unique colors, especially in coral colors will diversify and cheer each stylish and yet charming lady.


Even greater is the abundance in the necklaces.

Some of the biggest hits at the moment are those of medium length, laden with numerous chains, stones and extraneous matter from leather and fabric.

Practical tip: if at home you have several old necklaces that are thrown into the jewelry box and are completely different from each other – do not throw them away. Combine them and you will see how easy it is to be chic and to cheer the boring outfit.

A furor among your friends, you can cause if you have an old and useless long necklace which with a little ingenuity you can turn in an interesting necklace in a few lines of different lengths.

Do not forget that this season are back and the pendants. Yes girls, crosses return to fashion and in whatever forms: small, large, with and without stones, wooden and with many colors. Not anymore just rappers can boast with large, beautiful crosses.


Women’s bracelets

The newest in the bracelets are these with a type of cuff. They again are large, bulky and challenging.

Last scream: the combination of many bracelets of different materials and different colors would arouse jealousy.


Women’s earrings

This season they are big and long, and the feather earrings are in the top ten when it comes to earrings.

Other models which will be useful to look irresistible are the circular earrings (the bigger and more volumetric the better).


To keep up with fashion is needed only a little imagination and courage


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