The long lasting benefits of manicure

Image: © Vitaly Maksimchuk / Fotolia

Manicure is a word which means hand care. The different women living in different parts of the world use various methods to take care of their hands. If not doing manicure specifically they apply creams and moisturizers to keep their hands fresh and glowing. Fresh and glowing hands are a symbol of young age. Massage and manicure not only adds beauty to the woman’s hands but also improve the blood circulation. Long lasting manicure benefits are as follows:

– Manicure which involves detailed steps of taking care of the nails by using a file and polish mechanisms gives a long lasting protection from wrinkles. With the aging wrinkles appear on the nails which can be are avoided with properly done manicure.

– Improving the blood circulation is necessary for maintaining the health of the skin. Similar is the case with the hands. With manicure massage cream you actually improve the blood circulation in your hands and get a fresh and healthy skin.

– Manicure strengthens the nails and prevents their breaking and easily damage.

– By doing different types of manicures you can remove problems like breaking, chipping and peeling of the nails.

– At the end of the manicure you get properly shaped and glowing nails that have long lasting manicure affects.

-The manicure can be done using various home ingredients to avoid the artificial creams. These are extra beneficial for maintaining the health of the nails and skin.

-Lemon, sugar, olive oil and rose water are some of the commonly used manicure products. These add extra beauty to the skin.

– Wax, creams and scrubs which are used to exfoliate the skin remove the dead cells and provide the growth of new cells.

– Our hands have some pressure points which control the relaxation of the whole body. By doing hand massage these points are pressed and the whole body gets relaxed.


All of these benefits of manicures are magnificent and women must do their manicure at least twice in a month.


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