The manicure – strengthened, nourished, perfect

Image: © Christoph Hähnel / Fotolia

The manicure requires continuous cares to be always in top shape. It is not enough just to apply and to remove the varnish. Nails and cuticles want special protection and nourishment.


Manicure according to the shape of the hand

If your hands are wide and the fingers flattened, your manicure must be elongated, but never pointed. If you have long arms with fine fingers you can give your nails any shape you want, everything will look good. Just do not file off too much the edges in order to not start breaking easily. Brittle nails should have a square shape, slightly rounded at the corners. Keep them as short as possible to recover their strength. If you do not have this problem, file them depending on the shape of the hand. You should know that filing of the nails is always in the direction – from the outside to the inside of the nail. Cuticles are removed after you have soaked your hands for 5 minutes in warm soapy water.


The nail polish remover – beware of it

Polish itself is not so harmful to the nails. Much more dangerous is the nail polish remover. Therefore select such which are without acetone and are supplemented with vitamins. But even the lightest removers destroy the surface of the nail.


The strength is in the base

For nothing in the world do not save yourself the base coat of nail polish. It increases the strength and protects the nails from yellowing.


Final touches to the manicure

Never leave the varnish to start peeling off. Renew it once or twice a week. Clean it entirely because the “patchwork” on the manicure is visible and ugly. Do not leave your nails “naked”. Put at least colorless nail polish – thus your hands will look maintained. After the decorative, apply a top coat which protects from the effects of water and scouring agents, and contributes to the greater durability of the manicure.


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