The new fashion trends in the shoes and bags for the autumn/winter season. Part 1

Image: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

How to combine them successfully with our vision


There are many written and unwritten rules about how a lady to combine properly the shoes and handbag with her ​​outfit.

Perhaps the most popular among them is that the bag has to fit as a model and color with the shoes and that cannot be combined sneakers with an elegant evening clutch bag, for example, or vice versa – a backpack with high heels.

Do not be afraid to experiment, but still follow certain rules. The color of the shoes does not have to be the same as that of your outfit, but must go along with it.

It is very important to adjust your choice of footwear, apparel and accessories with the nature of your profession. Most offices have a specific dress code, it is good to comply.

For business meetings you will never go wrong if you choose shoes in dark colors on current and with closed toes.

For a concert is permitted everything from slippers, through sneakers to boots and combat boots.

For opera and ballet is valid the rule of the elegant female look.

For a wedding, birthday party or going out with friends, feel free to show imagination and bet on bold colors, the so popular in the last season color-blocking or neon colors.


It is understood that for a walk in the park you would look unnatural with high-heeled shoes and a small bag in hand. It would be better to choose sneakers, comfortable slippers or booties.

On the other hand, if you are wondering what is fashionable this season, then we immediately say – casual style meets the ladies chic, street fashion is intertwined with the avant-garde, the cool biker style stands by the elegance of Grace Kelly, femininity and punk are hand in hand, the strict style stands to the sports, heavy metal is combined with cashmere, the checkered pattern is in a black and white and black is combined with winter pastel colors…

The fashion trends for autumn / winter 2013/2014 could not be more diverse and contrast!

Here are and the latest trends in the shoes:


Flat, flat, flat

Moccasins recently appeared on the fashion scene and became the favorite flat shoes along with the ballerinas, earning a permanent place in women’s wardrobe! This fall they are particularly relevant with decorations of eyelets.


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