The new fashion trends in the shoes and bags for the autumn/winter season. Part 2

Image: © carol_anne / Fotolia

High heels 

Before the freezing temperatures take us to the season of boots, enjoy your big moment – high-heeled shoes! We have rarely seen them in such a wide variety thanks to their luxury vision they are currently with a huge fashion potential.

The modern metallic introduces eyelets everywhere – on the shoes, bags, accessories! And not just as a decoration of the more careless and crude models, but also in the more feminine!

Truly stunning appearance have the classic high-heeled shoes this fall: decorative additions like ribbons, eyelets and glass pebbles contribute to the mood and draw attention!


Sports with a cuneiform current

They almost immediately conquered the fashion world, so that the topica sports models with cuneiform current should not miss and this fall among our favorites! They particularly well highlight the new negligence and are super comfortable!


Biker and coarse boots

Motorcycle boots have long been an incarnation of the concept of negligence, of freedom, closeness to the earth and above all character! Whether with a deliberate contrast to the selected style of the dress or with a casual look, they are timeless and are a must in the fall! On the fashion scene are also the boots in western style with rough soles. The new symbols of freedom, which often appear decorated with studs.


The favorite booties

An absolute constant in the fashion of booties are the so loved cuneiform heels! They not only give convenience of the foot, but most of all enjoy great popularity because of their markedly feminine look. Particularly elegant and chic are in the color combinations of suede.

And in the fashion of the shoes applies: black is the new black! Simple, unpretentious and super chic the black half boots are a brilliant opportunity to express your own style.



An indispensable accessory, especially during the winter season: they are not only warm, but are also highly topical!

And the selection of boots this year is huge! Whether the rough boots with warm lining, rough soles and laces or the elegant classics… we want to have them all!


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