The safe ingredients in the natural cosmetics

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Not all of the strangely sounding chemical substances in the ingredients of the cosmetics that you either buy, or even better prepare at home, are harmful for the body and the skin. In fact, most of them are actually natural chemical compounds. Therefore, these substances are definitely not harmful, but also helpful for the skin.

Myristic acid

Has a positive effect on the skin, often included in the composition of cosmetic products as a lubricant.


Sodium benzoate

Preservative that has an antimicrobial effect. Protects the skin from allergic reactions and inflammations.


Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate

Derived from coconut oil – has the ability to clean the skin thoroughly.


Olive oil

As a component of the cosmetic products, it is widely used for its excellent cleaning ability.



Heals wounds and cracks in the skin.



Supports the processes of metabolism of amino acids and fats, and also has a calming influence and impact on the skin.


Sunflower oil

Rich in Vitamin E, softens the skin and keeps the moisture in the upper layer for much longer time.


Propylene glycol

Good moisturizer and a solvent, in combination with glycine is used as the basis for the production of lotions and emulsions.


Vegetable proteins

Protect the skin, gives it elasticity and makes it soft and smooth.


Safflower oil

Derived from plants and has a positive effect on the skin – smoothes, softens and moisturizes.


Stearic acid

A component of many cosmetics, has a calming effect on the skin by eliminating the dryness and prolonging the hydration.



A preservative neutralizing acids.




Preservative, which is of organic origin. Prolongs the expiration date of the cosmetic product and protects it naturally.


Cetyl alcohol

Derived from Sarsaparilla or palm oil and serves as a good emollient and stabilizer, and also has the ability to retain moisture.



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