The scarf and how to wear it

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The scarf turned not only into a winter accessory but one of the best means to warm our chest and neck not only in the winter. It’s not mandatory the scarf to always look bad on you, you can combine the useful with the pleasant and stylish at all times. We, of course are always here to tell you how to achieve that.

There are several popular ways to wear a scarf, here they are:


Regular knot
The first step is the middle of the scarf to fall on the back with same width on both sides. After then take end (A) and attach it to the other end (B). Then turn end (A) over end (B). Pull up and make a knot. And finally regulate the ends down. This way to tie a scarf is suitable for an unbuttoned jacket.

Double back

Let the scarf hang on your neck from both sides. After that end A is passed over end B. Pass end A behind the neck and carefully level the scarf. Then with end B make a knot to the other end and regulate.

European knot

Fold the scarf in two and put it on your neck. After that pass the loose ends through the other side. Pull and regulate. This type suits a short, tight jacket.

False knot

Put on the scarf on your neck and level, make a knot on one side. Then level again and let end B pass by the knot A. After that tie it to make a stylish false knot.

This false knot looks like a tie. This knot is appropriate for thin scarves and can be worn on a coat.

Twice around your neck
You put the scarf around your neck so the ends fall on your back. After that move both ends of the scarf on the front of the chest and cross them.

Roll the scarf around your neck by letting one end loose up front, the other is on the back.

You put on the scarf under the collar of the jacket and tuck it in the lapels by letting the ends fall with equal length.

One of the easiest and practical ways to wear a scarf is to just tuck it under your collar for better insulation of the cold.

Everything you have to do is put on the scarf and just throw the ends aside.



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