The wardrobe of a traveler

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The big question – how to choose suitable clothes for your tripwhen the market is flooded with all sorts of suggestions? Our tips will help you not to waste time wondering and unnecessarily walking around the shops.


Naturally, your choice depends on where you are going, for how long and what type of journey you will undertake. In other words, the style of your travel and the needs will dictate the list of your purchases.


Yet there are qualities on which you must necessarily pay attention to when looking for tourist clothes. Especially if you are traveling in the fall and out of town.


Hiking shoes

If you consider walking sideways and away from the beaten track, do not leave your home without them. Firstly, they must be extremely comfortable. They should be neither too tight nor too loose. Select the lightest possible option.


Your shoes need to breathe in order to avoid the unpleasant sweating of the feet. Try to choose a waterproof and quick drying option.


It is important to have a good ankle support, but not to be too hard and rough. In order not to feel every pebble on your feet, the shoes should be with a thick and hard sole. Here we must mention also the socks – be careful with the too tight elastics.



Your pants should also be comfortable in the first place.

It is good to be light and of a fabric that breathes, dries quickly in the sun and is resistant to the stains, which you will serve on it.

Pay attention to the length, so as not to stumble or tread on them and wear them off around the edges.

The secret pockets on the pants are an added bonus, where you can hide money or documents.



Like everything else, and the hiking sandals must be absolutely comfortable. Another important feature is called “stickiness” – the soles have to well engage to the ground under your feet, even if it is sticky or crumbly.

Some sandals are made of very smelly material, so be careful not to transfer that smell on yourself. Watch out for buckles, ties and cords that can injure your skin and cause discomfort.

Here you can pay attention and to the appearance. If you have only hiking boots and a pair of sandals, it is good the second to be for walking and social activities.



There are no special reasons and explanations. Yet every girl needs to wear a dress sometimes!


Clothes for cold weather

The secret of the warm clothing is one – layering! You will need three layers of clothes. The first – lightweight and gentle to the skin.

The second will serve as insulation. You can look for something with a hood or high collar. Removed and rolled it can serve as a pillow.

The third layer of clothing should be longer and waterproof. Might be a thick jacket, it is important to protect you from the winter weather.



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