The waterproof cosmetics

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For every day or special occasions

If we believe the advertising, the waterproof mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, etc. are the best solution for daily usage. Why? Because you never know when your beloved will dump you and you will need to pour tears, it will suddenly start raining heavily just before an important meeting or a friend-prankster will push you into the pool. But how often do any of these accidents happen – twice, once or not once a year? And is it justified in everyday life to use this durable and professional makeup.


Where is its secret?

The most logical question is – what is the reason for the waterproof effect? It is a combination of waxes and silicone polymers, mostly synthetic – paraffin and stearine. When applying this make-up, the silicone compounds evaporate and the waxes create an impermeable layer on the skin that makes the pigments “untouchable” for the external factors – the secretions of the sebaceous and sweat glands.


Why we should not overdo with it

The advantage of waterproof makeup – his durability, however, is also its biggest disadvantage. On the area where the sponge or the brush with waterproof makeup passes, the skin suffers because the layer this products creates, stops the flow of oxygen to the skin for 8, 12 or 24 hours depending on when you will remove it. The often usage of makeup with such effects can lead to accelerated dryness and skin aging. Moreover, surveys from independent organizations indicate that most often in the waterproof ink for eyelashes are detected heavy metals that of course, are not mentioned in the content.


Frequently lasting cosmetics choose women with more oily skin because it never smears from the sebum. For a special case this make-up is really a good solution, but applied on the face every day, it clogs the pores and causes a boom in comedones and acne – exactly what makeup should be concealing.


And last but not less important – waterproof makeup can cause allergic reactions. And we are not talking only about the products of low quality that can be bought from the neighborhood stores, but also for the high expensive cosmetics.


How to remove it

When removing the waterproof make-up the difficulties are inevitable. There are of coarse special cleaners, but there will be more diligent scrubbing. Therefore, this kind of makeup is especially unsuitable for the delicate area around the eyes, which inevitably suffers from the stretching.



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