The woman’s handbag speaks for her character

Image: © mrTrush / Fotolia

According to some recent studies the way you wear your purse and the type of your bag speak of who you are. It turns out that it can reveal some aspects of your personality. Here they are:

If you love big bags:
They are used more often by business women so they can put in them all the necessary documents, folders and work related things. Such women love big bags that are easy to open and close. They should be functional for their active style of life and have a lot of pockets.

Strict elegant bags
These bags are also used by business women but they combine well the formal style with entertainment. These women dress elegantly and stylishly.

The exquisite ladies handbags

They are used by sophisticated women with great taste for their accessories and their appearance. They are vain and always put this in the first place.

Wallets type bag

Too little as compatibility as for keys, phone and handkerchiefs, this bag issues for its owner, that she has a quite bright and charismatic personality.

Standard women’s bag with handles
The woman holding the bag with lowered arm is balanced and responsible, she knows how to arrange everything in her life.

Bag with handles on the elbow
If a woman wears her bag like this it speaks that she is very careful with her appearance and a good host. She has confidence and is communicative.

Bag, gripped at the end
This is a sign that the woman leaves her bag wherever she wants. She is messy but confident in herself and does not take into consideration the opinion of others.

Bag on the shoulder  
It shows how shy this woman is. These women are funny and glad with their life and the friends they have. They love compliments.

Bag under the armpit
For such a woman one thing could be said: she is independent, very ambitious and aims to her objectives with everything she has.


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