Tips for doing spa manicure at home

Image: © Ahileos / Fotolia

Manicure at home is performed by many women who are paranoid of germs and do not want to use tools that have been used by others like those at the beauty salons. Manicure tools must be washed well after usage. It is best to dip all the tools in alcohol to avoid any infections. Even if you are doing manicure at home these tools must be perfectly clean. Spa manicure is a little bit different than the usual manicure. Let us consider the various steps involved in spa manicure.

– The first step is to wash your hands well. If you are running a salon and doing a manicure of some client then ask them to wash their hands before starting the manicure.

– Remove any nail polish that is present on the nails. For multicolored and thick coating of the nails acetone is the best remover. Put a few drops on the nails and leave it for a few seconds. This will allow the easy removing of the polish using cotton pieces.

– Spa manicure is incomplete without filing your nails. File your nails only on one side. Never file on both sides. This will make them week and they will easily break and split. Long nails need more care while filing than the short nails.

– The next step of the manicure is to use cuticle oils and to remove them if they are too rough. File your nails, make the desired shape and smooth the edges.

– Dip your hands in water to soften the cuticles so that you can easily to push them back using the appropriate instrument.

– Dry your hands with a soft towel. Then dip them in wax which adds extra moisture to the skin. Your hands will become extra soft after this treatment. Apply the wax for 10 minutes on the hands and then remove it.

– Home massage is very beneficial for the smoothness of the hands. Perform the massage after applying wax. Then wash your hands with a scrub to remove the dead cells.

– The last step of your home spa manicure is to apply nail polish in the three steps – base coat, polish and then top coat – similar as used in the other types of manicures.


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