Tips for the perfect manicure

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“No one is bigger than my manicure hour.” Wise words of a wise woman.


I myself have always been of the opinion that the well maintained nails are one of the main signs of femininity. You do not need to have long nails in a luscious red color or a drawing on each of them to say that you have a beautiful manicure.

It is important that the nails are well formed and, above all, to be clean and free from peeling nail polish on them. To have beautiful nails, you do not have to go to a manicurist every month and spend extra money (of course, if you can afford it is great, and that is a little free time for yourself). You can safely make a good and lasting manicure at home.


One of the great manicure specialists is Tom Bachik (that is right, he is a man). He takes care of the nails of world-famous ladies such as Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stephanie, Beyonce, and others.

It is he who gives some practical and useful tips on how to make as good and lasting manicure at home as possible.

To avoid cutting the cuticles, Tom advises you to take care of them from time to time. The easiest way is while you are bathing and your skin is softened and soaped to push the cuticles back.


If you do not do it regularly, at first you may find this procedure slightly painful. However, it is important that you do this so that no excess skin will appear, that the nail plate is well-formed and that the cuticles do not have to be cut. Then comes the filing of the nails. It should be done with a finer file so that the nail does not peck off. Also, the smoothing of the nail plate should be done very smoothly and with very fine files, otherwise the nail may begin to splinter.

According to Tom, contrary to the general belief, the nails should not have been soaked in water before they are polished. The drier and harder, the better, in order to keep the nail polish longer on them.

Also before varnishing, you can further clean the nail plates with a swab dipped in acetone. Besides the nail must be dry, there should be no traces of nail polish.

Apply a base coat, followed by the colored varnish. Here Tom gives another good advice – do not shake the bottle before use, as this will fill it with air and will produce bubbles in the layers that will make your manicure perishable. It is much more effective if you rub the bottle in your palms.

Before applying the top coat, make sure that the bottom layer is really well dried. Top coats dry out faster than the colored ones, and if you apply them while the bottom layer is still wet, it will lead to a seeming drying of the varnish, but then there will be easy blurring or getting dents under pressure.



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