Tunic – always fashionable

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The warm spring days are already here and it’s high time to open the season of sexy skirts and all summer clothing. With new colors come the new tendencies in the shoes, makeup, bags and hairstyles. But regardless of what the fashion tendencies are, the tunic is always very fashionable and ready to swipe everything else.

Why a tunic?

The tunics are appropriate for fluffy ladies as well as for thinner girls who want only to hint about their sexiness and this way make it even more intriguing to the eye. The tunic is a very good choice for pregnant women. Depending on the type and shades, the tunic can find many applications in your clothing.

  • For the beach

The tunic is perfect when you are wearing a swimsuit and want to go to the beach but not walking half-necked on the streets. There is nothing sexier than standing before a man and start undressing slowly!

  • Very chic

If you add a belt to the tunic and wear it without anything else it’s much more chic. Mandatory in this case is to combine it with high heels – at least 7 cm.

  •  Sports

If you get a tighter tunic with a hoodie and combine it with sunglasses with wider frames, sports sneakers and some extravagant lipstick you are right where you should be.

  • With stretch pants

The tunic can be greatly combined with stretch pants. This combination is very sexy but you should be careful. It’s appropriate for slimmer ladies. The good thing in this case is that the clothing can be combined with flat shoes but in some cases high heels are also a good idea.

  • With jeans

If you have any excess kilos with which you are in a process of fight then it would be good to combine this great clothing with tight jeans. If you have nice breasts you can take a tunic with a wide neckline and stress on them.

In two words the combinations are various. All in all, everything that comes to mind and matches your figure is a great idea. Very appropriate are wooden necklaces and bracelets. They match tunics with floral patterns. Namely this type of tunics will be most fashionable in the summer.

It’s important to note that for taller ladies appropriate are short tunics while for the shorter ones the longer tunic is a great way to optically extend the figure. Its combination with platform shoes leads to a great effect.

Don’t forget that with or without the tunic most important is to feel good in your skin, spare the necessary time to take care of yourself and be happy. And how to measure time when you’re happy? If the time was measured by smiles then how many do you have a day?



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