Vintage fever

Image: © Zsolnai Gergely / Fotolia

There is something in the classical fashion of the 30s, 40s, 50s that makes us love it. Maybe the epic movie stars, timelessly captured on Polaroid with their eternal Hollywood glow, maybe the classical lines, simple but endlessly elegant clothes which make every woman look lovely.

One thing is sure – we will always love the vintage style and we will always turn back to it.

Gradually from the clubs and retro parties, this fashion goes out to the streets. Replicas of Ray Ban glasses are now everywhere, more fashionable becomes the classical model of sunglasses with round shape, big and small glasses.

Let’s not forget to dust granny’s dress from the wardrobe even though skirts and dresses will always be fashionable, at the moment to have a dress in a classical shape from the 30s and 40s speaks of a great taste. The patterns are with many colors, the waist of course is high. Even for the pants – the short denim pants with high waistline are ideally combined with a shirt with a knot on the belly for the summer. Show some skin this season.

The shoes are of the type oxford and classical in red and black with high heels (stiletto is acceptable as well), but you can improvise with platform shoes and various simpler ballerina shoes.

If you need inspiration you can always see the old pin-up calendars (pin up, pin up girls – these are old photos, especially from the 30s, 40s and 50s of girls, beauty role models for their time. At the moment is used for pictures of girls and women in classical clothing and poses for pin-up, only with light contemporary changes such as tattoos or unusual hair colors).

Of course, don’t forget the eyeliner and the red lipstick. Curl your hair with a retro press, put on a tiara or a hat with wide periphery.

Be glamorous. Even if you are not going to a theme party, still the retro style is for that purpose – to be magnificent, retro pretty, different and outstanding.


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