Wear elegant jewelry to top off your appearance

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Jewelry is one of the main items and among the favorite accessories of women. Their outfits sometimes look incomplete if none of the jewelry items are used along with the clothing. These include bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces, chains, earrings and hair pins. All these items are available in various styles and materials.

Materials used for jewelry:

The most popular materials used are gold and silver but nowadays are made jewels and from white gold, platinum and even artificial materials in unique and different designs and various shapes. Silver jewelry is more famous and preferred by most of the people due to its color and lower price. Sterling silver looks very elegant on the skin and is also appropriate as a present. White or colored crystals and different stones are incrusted in the jewels to make them look more beautiful. And of course the most wanted of all precious stones – the diamond, for those who can afford it.

Styles of jewelry used:

Unique styles of jewelry are observed on the market nowadays. They can be simple and elegant or shiny and colorful with many stones. Jewels can now be made in various shapes and designs. Pendants are produced in the shape of hearts, flowers, animals, spirals and many more diverse forms. Bracelets are made from metal, plastic, leather and even rope. They can be thin or wide and in all color variations. Earrings are made in classical styles from gold or silver with gems but there also such handmade from artificial materials. Very popular lately are the earrings with feathers.

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Color combinations and beads:

Combining different styles and colors of jewelry is very fashionable and common these days. The combination between metal and colored jewels looks very stylish. Very popular are the jewels with beads. Pink, violet, purple, yellow, blue, orange, brown and red are the most common colors used in the beads. Beads can be also in various shapes and sizes.

The variety of jewelry is enormous. Decorate yourself with jewelry to complete your outfit and create your own unique style.


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