What accessories to choose – hats, shoes, bags, belt, bracelets, necklaces

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Accessories are the ones that will make you beautiful and shining along with your outfit. However, the improperly chosen accessories can ruin your whole appearance within seconds. They are the focus of the garment and your body, so you have to choose them very precisely and accurately.

And the name of the word means a gadget added for completion to the whole, so every woman should be aware of the magic of the accessories to always shine at all occasions.

Accessories must take a leading role in every outfit because they are its key element. There are several steps to be kept in mind in the choice of an accessory:

Step 1
Accessories should be appropriate for the outfit you chose in the first place. Under accessories most understand something big and intrusive but that is not always appropriate. There are cases, rare cases when extravagant accessories are appropriate but only for some specific occasions. The case with the office wear is not one of them.

Step 2
Do not use accessories that are cheaper than what you are wearing. It is visible and does not look nice. It lacks class and taste.

Step 3
The color of the accessories is very important. It should be combined with the clothes in the appropriate colors. Today’s trend is not like in the past – hat, shoes, bag, belt, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, scarf, and gloves – all in one color. Today’s fashion is varied and interesting – coming out of the conventional, outdated dogmas. You are free to combine different accessories in various colors as long as they match and look good together.

The black color remains timeless and classic for clothes and accessories. Black accessories with a white dress or bright on black will look cool.

Step 4
Very important is the combination of accessories and the shape of the clothes. How? With the V-shaped neckline suitable is triangular or square shape or an angular one. Round earrings match closed or oval necklines. The earrings can be large.

Step 5
The bright accessories are suitable for the summer season and very inappropriate for the office. Exquisite, tender and expensive (golden, precious stones) match the evening dress very nicely.


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