What to combine the long dresses with

Image: © Andrey Kiselev / Fotolia

The different ways in which we can combine the long dresses are primarily dependent on the season. The fashion trends come and go, but the long dresses always remain current.


A long dress in a neutral color you can wear for a very long time. Whether you combine your dress with different accessories or clothing, you can choose from many different style options. In this article we will present some of the latest ways in which you can wear your long dresses.


Official vision


Steal one of the most recent star visions for the moment and give your long dress some extra sparkle and sophistication. To achieve this modern look, you should choose a dress of luxury and fine fabric like silk. Combine your long dress with stylish jewelry and a small envelope handbag for a stunning appearance.


Sporty luxury


One of the most modern ways in which you can wear a long dress is in sporty luxury style. Select a daily long dress made ​​of cotton. Add to it a sports bag, sneakers and sports bra. To complete the sporting looks add and a denim jacket or sports cardigan.


Elegant style


Give your dress a more elegant style, combining it with more elegant clothes. You can make the dress much more elegant if you combine it with a coat, patent leather shoes and a bag with handles. Select a gown made of firmer fabric that will not loosen up and stretch.


Holiday vision


Add your long dress to your suitcase for the summer vacation. The long dress can be both casual and exceptionally elegant. To create a holiday appearance combine your dress with a silk scarf, turban or a long stylish necklace.


Retro appearance


Create a stunning bohemian look by choosing a long dress in retro style. Select a dress with a free falling cut. Pair your dress with a fringed vest or knitted waistcoat and add to them aviator sunglasses and a daily leather handbag.



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